What does a hungry kid look like?

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When it’s hard to succeed in school, it’s a challenge for them to reach their potential as adults.

Our Story

Thanks to the efforts of a concerned mom in 2010, The Food Group was born as a grassroots effort of community members who were alerted to the plight of hungry kids in Sheridan County.

Horrified by the stories from teachers that students hadn’t eaten a full meal since lunch at school on Friday; this group started assembling bags of meals in the Sheridan Senior Center basement bringing their friends and kids.

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Why Does it Matter?

Making a difference, one kid at a time.

110 kids fed/week in 2010-11
180 kids fed/week in 2011-12
315 kids fed/week in 2012-13
380 kids fed/week in 2014-15
420 kids fed/week in 2015-16
460 kids fed/week in 2016-17
480 kids fed/week in 2017-2018

Bags of food packed by volunteers since 2010.

0 hours
Spent picking up, packing and delivering food by our volunteers in 2017

Our Team

75 volunteers per week work to get food bags into kids’ hands.  On average they work an hour a week for the 36 weeks of the school year, which amounts to a whooping 3,000 hours put in by our volunteers in one year’s time!

Contact Us

Phone:  (307) 763-0850

Email: thefoodgroupwy@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 6702
Sheridan, WY 82801